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The Eagle Spirit

On Vancouver Island, westcoast wildlife has given our people all of the ingredients we need to explain the different facets of our character traits. For example, the bear may represent physical protection, but the moon represents spiritual protection. Beavers work hard to signify teamwork for a project, such as building a dam, whereas wolves signify quick-thinking teamwork when it comes to tracking prey.

These sorts of representations allow us to connect to the animals and elements completely. We know when we as individuals identify with a certain animal when we can easily find traits in common. Sometimes it takes a close friend or family member to do it for us. For example, a beautiful woman may like to think she identifies herself with a hummingbird, but if her loved-ones believe her sense of humour or rebellious nature are her strongest traits, she is likely to be influenced by the raven.

Aside from totem animals, we also call on the spirit of these animals and elements for guidance. In our past, we might have called on the physically capable animals to bless us before a hunt, building our homes, or taking a journey. It seems that most often, man wanted some sense of the unknown. Since he, himself could not co